Character Details

AuthorBook TitleCharacter NameDescriptionWorkSpouse Name/family detailsDescription  
Barty LynchMale, 56, white, 6'2" Burly, gruff, soft spot for dark comedies and loves Jameson whiskey. been in the dept. for 25 years. born and raised on LIPolice Sherriff
LA DobbsLiars LaneKrillin O'NielMale, white, 6', 44, loves water sports/ocean, been o n the jpb for 3 years.Police Deputy
Denzell JonesMale, Black, 44, been on LIPD for 6 yrs, 6'3", best freinds with Hector CohenPolice officer
Avery TowersForgotten FallsValerie MartinezFemale, Latinx, snarky, 5'4", dates a lot. drinks her coffee black.Police officer
Kimo TempletonMale, Japanese, short hair, 5'8", 38, thorough, doesn't cut corners, works all night, been w/ LIPD 9 yrspatrol officer
Maria MoralesFemale, 28, 5"1Guatemalan, parents speak mam, first generation American, works hard, speaks spanish, mam, and english. patrol officer
Cole BaxterPanic PondAmber SmithFemale, white, 34, light hearted for someone with such a hard job. likes going undercover, great with getting ppl to trust her.police detective
Cyrus EinarMale, white, glasses, wears a suit, intellectual, 58, been on job for 22yrs, last career was a professor , loves being a detective, takes it seriously, always carries a newspaper and a locked briefcasepolice detective
Hector CohenMale, Latinx, 28, goofy, loves to laugh, can work late and make practical jokes, very smart and can hack into things, lives on Red Bull Police technician
Omisha GibbsFemale, Black, natural hair, dark eyes, 5'6" non nonsense, 32, a bit judegmental of the parents on LIJuvenile OfficerBest friends with Alyssa Fitzgerald at Inside style
Sandra OsbornFemale, white, 48, incredibly saavy, won the election by a landslide. Liars Island Mayor (City Hall)
Craig BackstormMale, white, 44, from Seattle, hard on crime,heavy setLiars Island City Attorney (City Hall)
Leah CookFemale, 33, Pacific Islander, open minded, good freinds with Amber Smith on LIPD, wonders if LI citizen really have good motives.Park and Rec Director (City Hall)
Tanner HoltMale, 38, lives with his partner Joel, loves dogs and can be bribed with fine wineLiars Island Clerks OfficeJoel Goodsman, 40, born and raised in LI. Has family money
Gordan GallowayMale, Irish, 41, handsome, beard, is a little brashLiars Island Ferry Captain
Enzo MarockoMale, 24, Spanish, dreams of leaving LI, open to sketchy means of making moneyLiars Island Ferry Toll Booth Cashier
Laurie FulfsFemale, 58, heavy set, loves nature and the ocean, kyaks on the weekends with Krillon from LIPDLiars Island Ferry Safety Guard
Karsten Tabermale, bright yellow hair that is always changing styles, 5'11", lean and handsome, 31, rich entrepaneur, loves artBlunt Cut (Hair salon owner)
Jayla WalkerFemale, 27, thin, smokes, goes out at night Blunt Cut (Hair salon stylist)
Lucky ChanningFemale, 25, feminist, goes to politcal marches, on town councilBlunt Cut (Hair salon stylist)
Yui HarunoFemale, 63, gentle and kind woman, soft spot for children and stern when someone is out of line, especially w Hinata - she rasied herIsland Thyme Tea shop owner
Hinata HarunoFemale, 26, Yui's granddaughter, has a good sense of plants, convived grandma to sell succulents and plants i nthe store. she makes her own herbal remedies and customers love them. she is a vegetarian and her personality is quiet Island Thyme Tea shop employee
Oliver Grantmale, 40, Black, wears impeccable clothing, a bit of an ass Lawyer Sterling & Grant Law Officemarried to Calia.
Alison GreyDeception DriveKnox Sterling34, rich and successful and dangerously handsomeLawyer Sterling & Grant Law Officeengaged to Aria Brik who owns LOTUS
Alison GreyDeception DriveCaroline LockhartSecretary at Sterling & Grant Law Office
Cole BaxterPanic PondRay Kelleymale, 63, has lived in Liars Island all his life, he seems to know about everything that goes on but stays out of itKelley's Gas Station OwnerNephew is Vince
Vince Kelleymale, 42, is the nephew of Ray Kelley, manages the gas station, thief and thinks the world owes him something.Kelley's Gas Station ManagerUncle is Ray
Marie SnowSwallow LaneJenny Kylefemale, 18, blonde, blue eyed, pretty, just graduated high school, her mother is a housekeeper and she can't afford to go to college. She doesn't want to work at the gas station all her life so looking for any way to get a better life. She sometimes helps her mom clean and always goes through the homeowners stuff.Kelley's Gas Station Workermom is Virginia Kyle
Marie SnowSwallow LaneMatthew Landry22 years old. Dark hair, blue eyes. He moved to Liars Island with his mother Michelle for a fresh start. Gets a job at Kelley's Gas Station, which is where he'll meet Jenny.Kelley's Gas Station Worker
Marie SnowSwallow LaneMichelle Landrymoved with her son to Liars because it's a fresh start and she wants him to have a change of scenery. She's had a traumatic past which was highly publicized from the last place she lived in--Still Wake. She got a job at Eco-Island a job at Eco-Island Landscaping
Alison GreyCatfish CourtVirginia Kyle34, fit, blonde hair and blue eyes, hard worker, had daughter Jenny when she was 16. Single mother. She cleans house for Sandra Osborn the Mayor of LIars IslandHousekeeper to the mayordaughter is Jenny Kyle
Cathryn GrantJealousy JunctionAlexis Bardue30, fit, comes from money but nobody knows how. Moved to Liars Island from California to open the high end organic, grocery storeFresh Barons Owner
Cathryn GrantJealousy JunctionJohn Baker28, fit, all about a healthy lifestyle, married to Alicia Baker, coaches his son's t ball team. 1 child, Max Baker, 7 years oldFresh Barons Managerwife is Alica Baker
Carol McMahonInfidelity InletAnnette Greene42, sells high end in the front but she bootlegs moonshine and other things out the back. Been married twice. First husband died of suicide.Coastal Liquor Ownerhusband is Jerry Greene
Carol McMahonInfidelity InletJacob Simmons16, high school student, athletic, quietnephew to Annette Greene (lives with her and uncle jerry), best friend is Jake Corbin
Carol McMahonInfidelity InletJerry Greene45, works from home, owns identity security company. Is not seen a lot out in Liars IslandOwns his own security company (online)wife is Annette Greene
Mike Costner35, brown hair, brown eyes, misses his younger days and lives vicariously through the young people that come into the barn to have fun, drinks a lot, married to Katie CostnerThe Barn Ownerwife is Katie Costner
Katie Costner35, overweight, married to Mike for 20 years, lately they're growing apart and she thinks he's cheating on herThe Barn Ownerhusband is Mike Costner
Lakelyn Scott21, thin, beautiful, works as a bartender while putting her way through schoolthe Barn Bartender
Kristin Overbay35, thin, classy, never smiles, likes the fact that there's only 12 tables and tries to keep her restaurant with an elite statusTwelve Table Owner
Cammy Freeman25, single mother, hates working for Kristin but she makes good money on tipsTwelve Table Waitress
Vincent Kilpatrick30, single, sucks up to boss, brown noser, will do anything his guests request of him. All about the money.Twelve Table Waiter
Brent Rossi30, handsome, fit, he always tries to help the underdog, loves the family atmosphere of his restaurantFired Up Pizza Ownerwife is Lani Rossi
Lani Rossi28, pretty, thin, she thinks her husband is too easygoing and people walk all over him.Fired Up Pizza Ownerhusband is Brent Rossi
Callie Rose24, waitress, curvy, she's too faced and she's lying about something. Lani hates her.Fired Up Pizza Waitress
Amy BoylesArrangement AcresJohn Thompson33, works out all the time, ex fighter that lost everthing,married to Trisha ThompsonBurger Shack Ownerwife is Trisha Thompson
Amy BoylesArrangement AcresTrisha Thompson28, married to John when he was a fighter, she is disappointed with how their lives have turned out. Still wears all the jewelry and high dollar clothesdoes not work - will be killed off at the end of the bookhusband is John Thompson
VJ ChambersForbidden FallsApple Shannon32, cheerful, happy, naive, curvy, always smiling and happyThe Kitchen (Bakery) owner
VJ ChambersForbidden FallsBlake Corbin17, high school student, family is rich and he doesn't have to work but he wants to, works at the bakery on weekends, attends Liars Island High School, plans to go to culinary collegeThe Kitchen (Bakery) workerParents are Ken and Lucy Corbin
Andi LongBetrayal BendCameron Adler22, shaggy blonde hair, only eats organic, married to high school sweetheart, he used his trust fund to open coffee houseBrew Love Coffee Company Ownermarried to Shay Adler
Andi LongBetrayal BendShay Adler22, long blonde hair, bubbly, but has a dark sideBrew Love Coffee Company Ownermarried to Cameron Adler; big sister and guardian to Becca Rider, father left when little, mother died of drug overdose
Andi LongBetrayal BendBecca Rider16, high school student, in love with Jake Corbin, quiet and shylittle sister to Shay Adler. Father had left them, mother died in drug overdose
VJ ChambersForbidden FallsKen Corbin41, very much a man's man, hunts and shoots guns all the time, very abrasive. Does not have a good relationship with his sonIsland Sports and Hunting Ownermarried to Lucy, father to Blake
VJ ChambersForbidden FallsLucy Corbin38, doesn't go into the store a lot, spends a lot of her time getting spa treatments and shopping. Very snobbyIsland Sports and Hunting ownermarried to Ken, mother to Blake
Jake Corbin16, high school student, athletic, gets agitated easilyson of lucy and ken corbin, brother to Blake, best friend to Jacob Simmons
Richard "Dick" Idleman42, knows everyone in town, super nice, sometimes goes to help people with repairs in their house. If he likes them, he doesn't charge. DivorcedHandy's Hardware ownerDivorced. Wife left right after daughter Macy was born. Father to Macy Idleman
VJ ChambersForbidden FallsMacy Idleman16, loves working at the hardware store, wants to run it one day, she's a tomboy. She likes Blake CorbinHandy's Hardware employeeMom left after she was born, father is Richard Idleman.
Cathryn GrantJealousy JunctionJason Briggs26, quiet but knows about every tool and real handy, steals from the storeHandy's Hardware employeebrother to Jerry Briggs - has always been jealous of his brother
Lucinda Beagan40, fit, pretty, uppity, thinks she's better than everyonemanager at SCANDAL (Wine bar/wine tasting room)son is Chris Beagan, ex husband is Jim
Chris Beagan21, handsome, hates his moms attitude, always roots for the underdog. Going to college to get a job off the island. Can't wait to leave. Works part time at SCANDAL. Good relationship with dad, lives with himSCANDAL workerMom is Lucinda Beagan
Jim Beagan42, big guy, works out, divorced from Lucinda and hates her, he designs apps for a livingex wife is Lucinda, son is Chris
Dylan Collier44, preacher at the chapel, very handsome and sometimes flirty with women, started programs for drug and sex addictsHonest Road Chapel
James Matthews35, cheerful guy, single, likes to think he's a bartender instead of diner owner - listens to everyone's problemsThe Dish Owner
Carol McMahonInfidelity InletOlivia Jackson30, single, just moved to Liars Island, very prettyThe Dish waitress
Mike Oliver32, has wife at home no one has met, works all the time and tries to pick up more shiftsThe Dish Line Cook
Hayley FordGuilt DriveBecca Sands48, Widow, curvy, pretty, hard worker, has always lived in Liars IslandSandcastle B&B OwnerHusband passed away - he was the original owner of Sandcastle B&B
Hayley FordGuilt DriveTracy King26, skinny, fit, nice and perky, does anything she's asked to do. Lives in at the B&B. Prepares breakfasts and gets rooms readySandcastle B&B Cook, cleanerSingle
Hayley FordGuilt DriveRaymond Tuttle38, handyman, is sort of country,is always at the B&B, likes BeccaHandyman
LG DavisBitter StreetNate Hall44, does not like to work, golfs a lot, married but neglects his wifeShoreline Hotel and Spa OwnerMarried to Jenny Hall
LG DavisBitter StreetJenny Hall40, works all the time, dedicated to the resort, plain looking but good person, she inherited the resort from her parentsShoreline Hotel and Spa OwnerMarried to Nate Hall
Jaxon Cate28, business degree, recently moved back to Liars Island, people were surprised because they thought he'd never come backShoreline Hotel Manager
Lexie Trotter24, looks like Barbie, people thinks she's not very smart, but she has them fooled, looking to get rich - even if that means stealing husbands.Shoreline Spa Manager
Missy Shelton37, was once homeless and on drugs, turned her life around and is now over the Homeless shelter helping others. Dates and is trying to find a good man.manages Helping hands (homeless shelter/food bank)
Cathryn GrantJealousy JunctionJerry Briggs28, hippie-like, lives in a camper at the campground, laid back. People think he's not very smart, but he really ismanages Camp ground near beachbrother to Jason Briggs.
Bailey Reynolds24, brown hair, brown eyes, very organized. works part time at the campground. Thinks Jerry is really weird and is a little scared of him. works at campground near beach
Wes Brockett42, fit, cocky, loudLake side Cabin Rentals Ownerwife is KarenWes and Karen have one son - Cameron. Best Friends with Tyler and Michael
Karen Brockett37, long blonde hair, skinny, doesn't do a lot of workLake side Cabin Rentals OwnerHusband is Wes, Karen Brockett, Carrie Chamberlin and Kristin Ogle are all best friends. They grew up together. Wes and Karen have one son - Cameron. Best Friends with Tyler and Michael
Matt Chamberlin40, little overweight, flirts with guests, wife can't stand himLake side Cabin Rentals Ownerwife is CarrieMatt and Carrie have one son - Tyler. Best friends with Cameron and Michael
Carrie Chamberlin37, overweight, brown hair, mousy, does all the workLake side Cabin Rentals Ownerhusband is Matt, Karen Brockett, Carrie Chamberlin and Kristin Ogle are all best friends. They grew up together.Matt and Carrie have one son - Tyler. Best friends with Cameron and Michael
Kristin Ogle37, skinny, works out in the gym all the time, flirts with her best friends husband (Wes) all the timeLake Side Cabin Rentals employeeSingle. Karen Brockett, Carrie Chamberlin and Kristin Ogle are all best friends. They grew up together.Kristin has one son - Michael. Best friends with Tyler and Cameron
Rangy Hodges35, fit, spends lots of his time at the water instead of at the shopLake side Ice Cream Shop (kayak and paddle board rentals also) - ownermarried to Shelly Hodges
Shelly Hodges34, curvy, works the ice cream shop all the time, wants her husband to pay attention to herLake side Ice Cream Shop (kayak and paddle board rentals also) - ownermarried to Randy Hodges
Madison Chapman22, brown hair, has worked for the Hodges since she was in high school, doesn't know what she wants to do with her lifeLake side Ice cream shop employee
LG DavisPoison LakeEden Sparks36, widow, husband died in freak climbing accident, body was never recovered. ppl assume she is a snob but she just has a reserved personailty. Wants children.Owner of Inside Style (Interior Design Shop)
LG DavisPoison LakeAlyssa Fitzgerald27, single woman, just moved here from LA for this job, Wants to own a design firm one dayEden's assistant at inside StyleBest friends w Omisha Gibbs, juvenile officer
Ava Brock34, very wealthy after inheriting her father's fortune. opened this shop and loves fashion and high end lifestyle. often at odds w husband who wants a down to earth life and a family.Owner of Style Loft (designer Clothing Boutique)married to Oliver Brock, head chef at Paradox
Spencer Mills27, single and sleeps around, over the top guy who loves high fashion, trends, earrings,wants a investor to start a clothing line. his family is from eastern, WA and verty poor and doesn't understand him. Personal Shopper at Style Loft
April Sloan24, easy going persoanlity, great eye, and is the organized person at the Style Loft. She manages the calndar and books. Helps older cllients and puts people at ease. She dropped out of college when her parents died to care for younger brother.Personal Shopper at Style Loft
Anderson Sloan17, lives with older sister, in trouble all the time, very good looking, creating drama. sleeps around and parties a lot.
Anya MoraGold Digger GroveEmerson Caswell42, handsome, works out a lot, married a much younger woman after his first wife left himOwner of The Gold Bar (Jewlery Store)married to Lola Caswell
Anys MoraGold Digger GroveLola Caswell 23, was working as a stripper when Riggs met her in the city and married her. She needed out of her life and trailer park past. Grateful to Riggs but has secrets. stays at home and is boredmarried to Riggs Caswell
Romina Fisher37, divorcee, ex lives in NYC and she got screwed in the divorce. sales associate at The Gold Bardaughter is Liberty
Liberty Fisher13, misses her dad, hates her mom, hates that they are living in an apartment. thinks Lola (moms co worker) is te collest person on the is Romina
Drake Rodriguez29, been to prison, men in town dont trust him, grew up on LI and mom owns PLATINUM, he is an artist and women in town love him Co-Owner of PNW Tattoomom Claudia Rodriguez is the owner of PLATINUM
Maverick Mallone30, met Drake in LA where they both went to art school. He moved up here with the capital for the tattoo shop, mysteriosu past and no one knows wherre his $ came from. Co-Owner of PNW Tattoo
Eloise Bernard35, french, stylish and lovely. single but looking for love. was an exchange student in hs on LI and always wanted to return. returns homw to Paris when she can. owner of Paradox (restaurant)Has a twin sister named Adelaide, who is considering moving to LI
Oliver Brock36, handsome, well loved by everyone, loves water sports and volunteers t Helping hands food bank, wants to be a dad and start a familyhead chef at Paradoxmarried to Ava Brock
Katie Beckett22, moved home after graduating college with journalism degree. Trying to get hired at newspaper, knows everyone in town and grew up here. a bit of a gossip waitress at Paradox parents Jean and Donald Beckett, the Drs at Family First
Alison GreyDeception DriveAria Birk28, blond and beautiful, trained in India, gorgeous and new in town.owner of LOTUSEngaged to Knox Sterling
Cypress Reed30, single guy, long hair, respectful but almost too accomodating. women love his classes, rumors about him hooking up with womeninstructor at LOTUS
Tyson Coleman34, played MLB, injury forced him to retire. moved here where wife is from. misses baseball bc he liked to travel and cheat on his wife.Owner of Elite Cross Fit
Emma Coleman30, lovely and town sweetheart, happy to be back at LI, trying to make friends but the woman here are hard to get to knowmarried to Tyson Coleman, parents own the Animal Haus and she helps out there. wants kids badly.
Peyton Parker26, more clever than he seems. goes to Seattle often and parties and is known to have shady friends he brings back to the island to stay at his place occasionally.Instructor at Elite Cross Fit
Camilla Turner34, studied lanscaping in college, used to be in love w college professor, married but not happy and wanting a changeOwner of Eco-Island Landscapingmarried to Merrick Turner who owns Marina Lifestyle (plastic surgeon)
Hayley FordBroken WayHopper Smith35, good guy on island, singleIn charge of maitenance crew for Eco-Island Landscapingwas married to Sadie Carpenter. They had a baby that died, and they divorced from their grief
Silas Scotch38, lives near the lake in a cabin. His parents were murdered when he was a kid and no one knows who the killer was. Doesnt trust anyone. Music lover. Owner of Pure Greensingle but looks out for INdigo Bonavich like she was his daughter.
Indigo (Indie) Bonavich22, rebellious, plays the drums, wants to start a band, was a foster kid, moved here after meeting Silas in Seattle at a concertWorks at Pure Green
Sarah DaltonHarbourside HatredOakland O'Niel33, woman with dark hair and unique glasses, bookish yet totally has sex appeal. An aspiring writer.Owner of Harborside Books. Hosts a monthy book club at the store. single
Sarah DaltonHarbourside HatredBridger Horne28, male, lean and handsome, wears blazers. works here part time, just got a publishing deal for his first literary novel. works at Harborside Books - will be killed off at the end of the booksinge
Tobias Kline54, male, good intentions, trying hard to be a good father and husband. Fails often. Wife is unhappy and kids entitled. Wishes he could rewind time. Has won tons of awards for his reporting when younger, a very highly esteemed jounralist.Owner of Liars Island Chronicle married to Emily, has twins: son Bradley and daugter Brooklyn
Bradley Kline18, senior in HS, bit of an ass, partier and wants to go to Ivy Leagueson of Tobias and Emily, twin sister Brooklyn
Brookyln Kline18, senior in HS, wants to go to art school, hates how fake everyone is on LI, loyal to fatherdaughter of Tobias and Emily, twin brother Bradley
Avery Rush30, petite, sweet, but inquisistive. Moved to LI bc she wanted to work for Tobias. Has crush on him. From the east coast, new to town.reporter at LI Chronicle
Merrick Turner40, handsome, fit, too good to be true, Appears to be perfect package but he knows his wife isnt happily married. She has changed a lot over the years and he has misses the old days. Very successful and loves his wealth. Has a boat, women in town love him.Marina Lifestylemarried to Camilla Turner
LA DobbsLiars LaneNova Bell44, beautiful woman, grew up here, before it became so posh. Lives here with teenage daughter. Parents died in car crash hit and run when she was preganant 16 ys ago. mystic/tarot car reader, psychic abilities. discerning and protecive of daughter. Mystic Healingmother to Ballad Bell
Norah Grace Grant60, has a son named Wells Grant(30) in CA that she wants to move up here, she is a widow and is lonely. Gossip. Overly involved in lives of the young moms in town. Owner of The Toy Chest
Chelsie Rainier21, going to school online, helps out at the shop and birthday parties. Pretty, outgoing, lived her with her parents but after she graduated they got teaching jobs overseas. She is living ina big house alone.A bit of a wildcard, who doesnt always think things through. Boy crazy.Works at Toy Chest
Mila Louise Carter38, lovely and kind, great style and loves the families that comeinto her exquistie shop. longs to be a mother so badly. married 6 years and no child yet ... feels like her life is incimplete bc of it Owner of Dress Upmarried to Greyson Carter
Greyson Carter40, handsome, smart, family lives on LI, rowns a Start up Company. Computer guy. Knows his wife is unhappy. spends a lot of time on golf course.Owns a start up, works from homemarried to Mila Luise, father is Sheppard Carter (school superintendent, mother is Hazel Carter, runs LI rowing club
LA DobbsCheaters ChaseViolet Jackson60, grandmotherly woman who longs for a grandchild. life hasnt gone as planned, only dughter is a bit of dissapointment and her husbadn of 20 yrs died of a heart attack. been alone for a decade and tries to stay postive she loves her shop and helping young brides, but feels like time is running out ... she needs a change.Primrose Boutiquemother to Primrose Jackson
LA DobbsCheaters ChasePrimrose Jackson28, divorced, moved in with mom and back to LI bc she is broke. Super attractive and up to no good. Getting herself into trouble ith online dating apps ... dabbling in prostitution for fun and easy money.Works at Primrose part time,mother is Violet
Briggs Kelley43, great guy, had wife but she went missing 5 yrs ago and has been alone ever since. Loves animals and makes lots of donations to charity. Volunteers at Helping Hands when he can.Owner of Animal Haus
LA DobbsCheaters ChaseBallad Bell16, female, dark hair and eyes, wishes she knew who her father was, and how her grandparresnt died. feels like mom has kept secrets from her. wants to fall in love, desperate to belong is a misfit andshe doesnt want to be like that.employee at Animal Hausdaughter to Nova Bell
Allegra Lee37, earthy and organic, well liked and mothers trust her. good reputation ,but ppl are more weary of her new wife Flora ... Allegra is sensible and kind.Owner and midwife at Island Wellnessmarried to Flora
Flora Lee35, Brittish, a bit eccentric and snobby. makes it a point to not fit in. Struggling with her secret of why she left UK. Sleeping with other people behind her wifes back.Energy healer and accupuncturist at Island Wellness married to Allegra
Bowie Bardot25, fit healthy, sex appeal ... and wants to be a surrogate. But she has secrets, her family is in Seattle and drug dealers. Trying to get away from that. Met Allegra at a homebirth training.Doula at Island Wellness
Joshua Madden45, good doctor and well liked. Wife recently died while they were on a camping trip. She hit her head on a rock when jumping off a cliff onto the water. The women in town feel so badly for him.Dr at Family First
Levi Jones32, grew up in the city, moved to LI for the job, dating a woman who lives in Portland that he met online. male nurse at Family First
Elliot Lawson40, strong willed, sexy, a bit of a wild past but Delaware, his fiancee is straightlaced and will keep him in line. Feels like he needs that to stay successful.Sex Therapist at Compassion Counselingengaged to Delaware for 2 yrs.
Kristi WheelerPerfect PlaceCora Kincaid36, loves being a mother and wife. Happy with the way her life has turned out. Feels like the PTA at the school is a bit much, but helps where she can. Marriage and Family therapist at Compassion Counseling married to Sawyer, mother to Eleanor
Kristi WheelerPerfect PlaceSawyer Kincaid38, famous author and leads writing retreats on the Island. Writes fiction, won literary prizes.Author, writes in home officemarried to Cora, father to eleanor
Kristi WheelerPerfect PlaceEleanor Kincaid8, shy and gets bullied. her parents try to help her as best as they can but she neer feels like she fits in anywhere. 3rd grader at LIE (liars island elementary)parents are Cora and Elliot Kincaid
Delaware Quincy34, uptight woman who needs things to go "just so". Engaged to Elliot Lawson who is a sex therapist at Compassion Counseling and she has been planning the dream wedding for 2 years. Rich, parents live in SanJuan Islands and they have a home here too. She grew up on LI.Cashmere Eventsengaged to Elliot Lawson
Susanna Livingston56, busy body, wants to know everything wveryone is dong, has a venegeful streak. Wants her son to be marriedPresident of Liars Island Country Clubmother to Clayton
Clayton Livingston35, bit awkward and a bit untrustoworthy . Runs the books for the Country Club.Treasurer of Liars Island Country Clubson to Susanna
Camilla Dunlap45, bitter, jaded. Her grown children Preston and Helena don't speak to her anymore but no one knows why. Widow. runs the preschool but as a high standard and it is very exclusive. regrets hiring Louisa bc she doesn't play thr LI games.Owner and teacher at Cottage Preschool
Louisa Gibson26, fresh and bright eyed, full of love and gentlehearted. Well adoraded by parents. Her boss cant stand her.Teacher at Cottage Preschool
Hayley FordBroken WaySadie Carpenter 32, single, lovely woman, looking for love, broken hearted after baby died three years ago, hasnt recovered, kindergarten teacherLiars Island Elementary School Kinder teacherwas married to Hopper Smith. They had a baby that died, and they divorced from their grief
Preston Hall34, sexy, students in love with him, has a notorious past on LI as he grew up here. Liars Island Secondary School English teacher
Miriam Ferguson55, easily swayed by the parent groups, has a new waterfront home to prove it. Liars Island School District Officemarried to Theodore Ferguson
Theodore Ferguson57, bit of a snob and ass. Works in Seattle as a real estate developer. Wants to develop more of LI to make it more commercialWorks in Seattlemarried to Miriam Ferguson
Emily Kline48, kids seniors in HS, has been on the PTA since they were in kider. Very involved, very obsessive. Hard time passing the torch. no idea what she is going to do with her life when her kids leave for college. president of L.I. PTA organizationmarried to Tobias Kline, children Brooklyn and Bradley
Anne-Marie Collins31, mom of 1st gradervice president of LI PTAmarried to Lucas Colllins (works from home for an App). Daughter is Charlotte Collins
Hazel Carter58, Liars Island Rowing Clubmarried to Sheppard Carter, son is Greyson
Sunday Caspian33, sexy as hell, bitchy but men still love her. Has plenty of secrets from her life in Seattle ... moved here to open the gallery 1 year ago. Her father is a tech mogul in Seattle. She is rich and flaunts it. Likes being in open relationships.owner of PLATINUM --Art Gallerysingle
Anya MoraBook 1Waverly Pierce34, new mom and happily married, in posh part of LI, new to town. husband grew up here. was abducted as a child so she started a nonprofit for childrens safetyOwner of Secure Kids (nonprofit)married to Camden Pierce, daughter Rosie, 1 yr
Anya MoraBook 1Camden Pierce36, picture perfect life, but has lots of secrets about his pastowner of tech start up called: Visionmarried to Waverly Pierce, daughter Rosie, 1 yr
Emma MasonDark HarborGabe LarsonHe'd be 40. A retired police detective that moved to Liars Island to run Forgotten Memories Antique shop and get away from his past.  Will that work? If not I can make Denzell work from your list? Backstory as a cop in Memphis TN he was transporting a high profile serial killer for a transfer from the courthouse to maximum security facility.  and got shot as the guy escaped.  He blames himself and always has. He has a friend who he knew from his Memphis days.  She's kind of psychic but she stays in hiding because she attracted the attention of this killer. When a dead body shows up in Liars Island that has all the earmarks of the guy that escaped from Denzell he calls her.   
Emma MasonDark HarborCharlie MaloneHer name is Charlie Malone.  She's 30, Red hair, quiet, no nonsense, a profiler of sorts but can touch things and get "memories" from them. She'll be staying at the spa and resort in town.